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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  August 4, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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right now. now abc2 news at 6:00. >> areas we have these cameras, we have seen a drop 25% in crime. >> we are the city that clicks. baltimore puts up more surveillance cameras and the mayor tells us where the picture taking is happening tonight. >> we are sleep deprived, there are hormonal changes in our body that lead to our cravings, more carbohydrates. >> tonight is the night if you want to start losing weight, then don't lose any sleep. we want to start with this story, a woman accused of beating a transgender woman admits that it was a hate crime. teona brown will go to prison because she attacked someone who was different. roosevelt leftwich joins us with more. >> the video captured at this restaurant shows just how vicious the attack really was and the victim by having brown admit her guilt, which is an ugly incident can finally come
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to an end. >> this may be one of the reasons why the case did not go to trial. video from two sources shows teona brown and a 14-year-old girl ganging up on cristie polis. four times, the last time dragging her through the rest exprawnt stomping on her until she had a seizure. today was the first time since april that she saw her attacker. >> i was nervous being here today. like i said, i have no comment. keep my license normal as much as possible. >> it's all she would say about the attack, but her attorney says they are pleased that the hate crime charge was part of the plea. the pain still haunts her from the internet. >> the ordeal is not over for her. she continues to suffer on a daily basis. so i know she has been through a lot of pain. she just wants to make sure the word gets out that this is
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unacceptable behavior. >> the sentence is also a relief for vicki who can be seen in the video. toms was punched by one of the girls. what she witnessed that night was just ugly and the worst of people. >> i thought she is so young and how a person so young would be so hateful that i never realized that there was so much hate out there, i mean, and to have it happen right in front of you. you know? you see it on the news, but you're not involved with it. >> under the plea deal, prosecutorred asked for a ten year sentence. shellen burger says that the 14- year-old in the case pleaded back on july 1 and was found delinquent and is in juvenile detention right now. bon will be officially sentenced on november 13.
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new developments to tell you. the family of a baltimore county man arrested in connection to the case said he had a long history of mental illness. desmond meredith is hundreds of people who belong to a members only online child porn group. members swapped images and videos of child pornography. currently being held right now in louisiana. now his attorney would not comment, but he did confirm that meredith is being mentally evaluated by the federal government. there has been an arrest in the 83 attack near parkton last friday night. a woman told police that she was punched, dragged, her life threatened after being rear ended. police gave us a sketch to put on and you responded. so many tips came in that police went to michael henshaw's door. henshaw lives in york, pennsylvania. he is charged tonight with second-degree assault, reckless driving, robbery, driving on a suspended out of state license,
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negligent driving and failure to remain at the scene of an accident. he is in pennsylvania in a jail awaiting extradition to maryland. tonight a vigil is going to be held to remember the two best friends shot and killed in southwest baltimore on sunday night. dominik perry, anthony tarbert will be remembered tonight at 8:00 at the site of the shootings on wedgewood road. perry was the teen found shot to death in the street. tarbert was found hours later in a neighbor's yard. police are helping for the public's help. after a lengthy investigation, city state's attorney greg bernstein says no charges in the shooting that killed a police officer. couldn't find enough evidence that there was any criminal act that claimed the life of william and shawn back in january. officer torbit was in plain clothes. he tried to break up the fight. he was attacked. then he pulled out his gun.
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gamble was hit, not realizing that he was a police officer. well you have seen the blue lights on city box. all those cameras, are they preventing crime? according to police, they are. surveillance cameras led to over a thousand arrests. abc2 news kelly swoope tells us more. >> the police monitored surveillance cameras program expanded a little more this time in west baltimore. mayor stephanie rolling blake was on hand. a federal grant -- brings the total of to 538. this is just an additional tool for police to help fight crime. >> i'm a big proponent to use technology to create efficiency and create more effectiveness. that's what these cameras do with our police department. they are a force multiplying. >> police say last year the cameras led to 1300 arrests and
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more than 125 arrests for violent crime because of something that was captured on those cameras. today, baltimore city police announced on their twitter feed they hope to hire 350 new police officers by the end of the year. kelly swoope, abc2 news. jamie. >> have to talk about crime putting up crime cameras. the mayor attended a forum running for mayor this year. mayor stephanie raulings blake was on hand. today's forum was held at the national federation of the blind. this time all of the candidates were on hand. the democratic primary will be held september 13. all right, it's an interesting day temperature wise. we had 80s earlier. but look here, north eastern maryland toward wilmington. including baltimore, 77 in early august. we like that. yes, it did stay cloudy and humid most of the day. there's clouds preventing the sun from breaking through and
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preventing much of the state, at least the eastern shore from shooting up into the 90-degree range. but i think tomorrow will make the upper 80s. we're going to see a decent amount of cloud cover. maybe a shower tomorrow evening. you have to call that a seasonal day. now don't forget, not just right now, but throughout the weekend, you can get the most up to date weather in the palm of your hand. track storms live. check out the seven-day forecast, all on the abc2 weather app. head to our website, you'll find the free weather app link and get instructions on how to down load it. be sure to check it out. >> we are two months into hurricane season and the government forecasters are warning the season is likely to get busy. noah says they expect at least 19 named storms to develop by november the 30th. so far, we had five forecasters say very warm ocean temperatures in the possibility of a la nina. a very busy season to come. all right, we are now up to 20
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people. 20 people dying from the heat. the state health department tells us last week we lost 11. we're told all had underlying health conditions and were more veal vulnerable. we lost 32 people last year because of the heat. and right now here's the latest on the fire that destroyed the popular catch 54 restaurant in delaware. this is the video of the fire from those watching the fire from across sharks cove. the delaware state fire marshal says the fire did about a million dollars damage. we won't know the exact cause of the fire until monday, but we are told it did not start in the kitchen. the owner of catch 54 plans to rebuild. and the state energy administration has announced it is adding $850,000 to the home performance rebate program. the program offers a 35% rebate on certain home energy efficiency upgrades. the program has been funded by federal stimulous money and so far, nearly 1,000 marylanders have taken advantage of the program, which the
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administration says contributed to nearly $3 million of private investment. all right, tonight we are learning more about the ground turkey recall that is connected to at least one person dying and several other people getting sick. coming up, other problems at the plant where it was processed and what the federal government traced back to it months ago. and ask yourself two questions. are you struggling to lose weight and are you getting enough sleep? we'll explain why the answer to those two questions are related. >> very interesting day temperature wise. we only hit 80 out at bwi. that's 6 degrees below average. now our 2-degree guarantee had been 87. much of the state got there, just not bwi. we'll go for that again tomorrow and talk about how your weekend shapes up. it's all right after this.
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in health newses tonight, trying to eat a healthy diet and could end up being expensive. could make it difficult for americans to meet new nutritional guidelines. the updated pyramid encourages you to eat more foods containing potassium, vitamin d and calcium. but the journal of health affairs say that could add hundreds or more dollars to your annual grocery bill. and if you're trying to lose weight, get enough sleep. linda tells us why not getting to bed on time can keep you from shedding off those extra pounds. >> shelly edwards is on a mission to get in shape. she lost about 100 pounds. the challenge she faces now is one most of us face. between kids and chores, fixing
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meals and doing laundry, life is hectic. >> between 11:30 and 1:00 is bedtime. depending on what i have to get done and that and then 6:30 rolls around and time to get up again. >> and if there's one thing that can keep you from losing weight, it's losing sleep. >> i think this is one of the big reasons we are seeing such a problem with obesity in this country. >> shirley is a dietitian. when counseling her patients, she learned they are trading sleep for exercise. but that can be counterproductive. ruining not only your mood, but your diet. >> when we're sleep deprived, there are hormonal changes in our body that lead to our craving more carbohydrate. and you know if you are sleep deprived, not only are you going to be craving foods, particularly carbohydrates, but you are going to not feel like exercising. >> what's worse is that lack of sleep has been linked with the development of type 2 diabetes. so if you want to lose weight, kendrick says getting to bed is
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every bit as important as getting to the gym. >> not just a matter of will power. i can lose weight if i determine i'm going to do it. by eating less and exercising more. if you're not getting enough sleep, you're not going to get the most out of your workout. >> if you need to add more sleep, do it gradually. go to bed 15 minutes earlier for a week and add 15 more after you build up longer nights. so before we chase you to bed, let's chase you to the freezer because when you open it up, you're going to want to know about these 36 million-pounds of ground turkey that have been recalled. the recall involves ground turkey processed by cargo. one person in california was killed due to this salmonella outbreak. dozens more are sick and you should check the packaging for the code estp-963. the turkey meat was sold under the brand names honey suckle
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white, shady brook farms, kroger, fit and active, river side, spartan and safeway. the tainted meat was produce at an arkansas plant and turns out months ago the federal government chased this strain of antibiotic resistant salmonella, but didn't do anything. experts say avoiding illness is simple. listen. >> wash hands with warm water and soap before and after handling raw meat. extremely important. and also to make sure that raw meat and poultry products are kept separate from other food items. >> and the meat should also be cooked for ten minutes and the internal temperature needs to be kept at 165 degrees. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right, check it out. still cloudy. still murky, and still unseasonally cool at 77 degrees, but that's over a 77%
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relative humidity. so no question about it. you know, it's still muggy. when you're in the upper 70s most of the day in baltimore, it's tough to complain. cloudy skies, that was the rule today. north over the inner harbor, and you know, a few blades of sunshine late in the day, but not much. that really helped keep temperatures down, though. and how about annapolis today staying great here as well. plenty of traffic and i got to take you to gaithersburg where the sun did break out later in the day. it was warmer in this part of the state. howard county and back into montgomery county and d.c. temperatures closer to 90 here because get some of that late day sunshine. maryland's most powerful radar, all clear now. temperatures, we have upper 70s in baltimore through york, north eastern maryland, 77. very nice. ocean city 75. not bad. closer to 90 toward winchester and much of northern virginia.
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humidity high, 85% relative humidity. tomorrow we look for mid to upper 80s, especially in the heart of the city. canton about 88. much of the state will be mid 80s tomorrow. a mix of clouds and sun should hold the temperatures down a little bit. no rain out there now. as we look offshore, our boundary that came through is off into the atlantic and a couple showers and storms still firing down here in dixie. i don't think we'll see anything like that until sunday. just a hit or miss shower over the next 48 hours. mild air hanging on for another day or two. they hit 97 in charlotte today and rhoanoak, virginia, hot air south of us. humidity spread over the state of maryland. and so we are still feeling that. future cast showing a slight chance of a shower into the overnight and i think tomorrow hit or miss shower, probably not much. saturday same thing.
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hit or miss, probably not much. better chance in the afternoon and evening saturday and especially sunday afternoon. tropical satellite view. emily now downgraded to a tropical depression. that high mountainous tear mountainous terrain. it will strengthen to a tropical storm. and as it moves to the east coast of florida. 72 tonight. mostly cloudy, humid. tomorrow your 2-degree guarantee. we'll go 86. that will be warmer in the day. seasonally not too bad. tomorrow night 73. variable cloudy. chance of a shower. your seven-day forecast showing a shot of heat coming in sunday and monday, but most of the outlook, we stay in the 80s and there will be the slight chance of a shower saturday. a better chance on sunday afternoon. jamie, i don't want to rub it in, but huntington beach, california, we just got back.
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we'll make that our sky shot. >> beautiful baby. you didn't paint that, did you? >> no, took that. >> it's natural. >> and 0% humidity. it's crazy. >> you're still there. >> mentally. another day or two of california. >> a guy that lives down the way there, laguna beach. the than ma hit one of the most famous home runs in oriole history has been charged with insider trading. doug who replaced hall of famer brooks robinson at third and hit this homer in 1979. the sec says the oriole hall of famer received a tip from a medical employee, show he bought more than 83,000 shares of the company, then sold it when news of its merger was announced. he made $1.2 million in profit. the complaint says they tipped off three of his friends. he has been ordered to pay $2.5 million to settle the charges. he threw out the first pitch at the l.a. angels game last night. a team he played for after the
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orioles. and we have good news and bad news if you are a ravens fan and want to start with the bad. derek mason has reportedly signed with the new york jets after visiting their facility today. when the ravens announced they were releasing mason last week, the jets decided they wanted him. and the jets got jeer jerico. derek mason now a jet. and now to the good news. the ravens have strengthened up their defensive secondary by signing texasan safety. the last two at houston and last year he led the texasans with 111 tackles and four forced fumbles. he will complete now with tom and he'll try out for the starting spot along the side of ed reed. the deal is now for two years. i'm kelly swoope with a look at what's coming up tonight at 11:00. maryland cold case will be bringing you the second
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installment in our two-part story on the 1993 murder of joann valentin. the popular anne arundel nightclub owner was murdered in the driveway of her home. just six days after her murder, police arrested two men with the gun used to kill her, but almost 18 years later, the murder is still unsolved. >> i don't want to sound dramatic, but what went wrong? >> josie tries to find out, plus, wyatt has the forecast. join us for abc2 news at 11:00. storm gear provided by l.h. beam.
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welcome to grilling with the pows. joining me is nathan. now nathan, tough economic times, a lot of folks think steak is a luxury item. what are your thoughts on that? >> it can be. i think you can have a great value cut from creek stone farms at a great price. >> okay, show me what you have here today. sure. starting with the skirt steak. this is one of my favorite cuts. it is great for fajitas or a salad. very refreshing for the summer. next we have the sirloin steak. i'm a meat and potato guy myself. i like nothing more than grilling up a sirloin, pair ting with potato salad and enjoying a dinner with my family. the third cut we have here is the flat iron. flat iron is good because it plumps up. it has a lot of marbling, and a lot of flavor. once again at that value price point that you can use every day. >> a lot of the cuts, especially -- this is the flank? >> this is the flank we have marinating. >> sometimes they can be
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tough, so marinating is a great way to take care of that. >> we had this flank in the marinade for a day. very simple marinade of italian dressing. what it does, it breaks down the enzymes, makes the meat tender. >> and it really absorbs that and gives it great flavor. what do you have on the grill now? >> we have the same flank. >> pull it off there. let's slice her up. >> this flank would feed a family of four. so once again, you're looking at a cut here at such a value price, especially with the creek stone farms because you are going to get that tender product. >> where can folks get this? >> you can get this at david's natural market, and also my butcher in moore. or you can get it online if it's convenient at >> thanks for showing us economical steak tips.
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all right, take a look. temperatures not bad, jamie. humidity is high. but look at this. low 70s out there. annapolis 73. not bad. bell air looking good. rock hall 73. into the mid 80s we go. slight chance of an evening shower. if you missed the sunshine, i want to run it in one more time. huntington beach, california. the waves don't move. >> it's crazy. >> how did that happen? >> i see you in the lineup out there. >> that would be nice. all right listen. more pictures tonight at 11:00. california dream.
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we'll be seeing you at 11:00, have a great night.
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